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When you launch the program it will have a list of pre configured ips for the most common network setups. All the configurations are stored by default in a INI file located in application data. If you want to run the program from a thumb drive and store the configuration on the thumb drive you need to run the program with the "-s" command line parameter one time to tell it to store the INI file in the same location as the application. After you run the program with the "-s" command once, every time after that it will automatically look for the INI wherever the application is stored.


Once the program in launched you need to select the network card that you want to change the ip on.



To store your current Ip configuration into the program

  • Click the Store Current button
  • Type a name for the configuration
  • Click Ok.



To add a custom ip configuration to the program

  • Click Create Custom
  • Fill out all the needed information.



To set your configuration to one of the stored configs.

  • Select a config from the menu
  • Click Change My Ip