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  • Added the option for a new computer setup.
    • If selected it will not try to copy any user data.
  • Visual Inhancements
  • On Step 3 I added a check to see if the User existed and if it doesn't to prompt you to input all the user data and create the user.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a issue with it not deleted the program from startup when complete.
  • Removed debug message box left in from last update.
  • Fixed a bug where it wouldnt put the dns back to dhcp
  • The purpose of this application is to allow you to input all the info for a machine to join to a workstation to a domain and let it go without having to watch the computer work.
  • Joins a Windows Xp machine to a Windows 2000-Windows 2008 domain.
  • Copies personal data to domain profile.
    • My Documents
    • Favorites
    • Desktop
    • *.pst, *.ost, *.nk2
  • Unattended after information is input.